The Sieges of Constantinople

378, 626, 674, 717, 813, 821, 860, 907, 941, 1047, 1101, 1203, 1204, 1235, 1261, 1376, 1402, 1411, 1422, 1453  Posted by Powee Celdran “It’s either I take this city, or the city takes me, dead or alive, the city is all I want” -Sultan Mehmed II the Conqueror, Siege of Constantinople, 1453 Welcome backContinue reading “The Sieges of Constantinople”

Constantinople- The Queen of Cities and its many Byzantine Secrets

Posted by Powee Celdran  “If the earth were a single state, Constantinople would be its capital” -Napoleon Bonaparte WARNING: THIS IS A VERY LONG ARTICLE!!  Welcome back to another article by the Byzantium Blogger! I haven’t posted in quite some time but now this article will be the second travel article in this blog site,Continue reading “Constantinople- The Queen of Cities and its many Byzantine Secrets”