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This site aims to tell the story of the fascinating and complex history of the Byzantine Empire through various posts whether they are narrative stories, lists of interesting facts about the empire and its history, or interviews with other enthusiasts of the subject matter.

Our site covers 1,100+ years of interesting history specifically of one empire that lasted so long and has contributed a lot to our society. This 1,100+ year history is the history of the Roman Empire being the Eastern Roman Empire based in Constantinople wherein its Classical Greek and Roman ideals are fused with the Christian faith surviving the entire Middle Ages. Its history includes bloody and dramatic battles, stories of plots and betrayals, interesting emperors and generals, intriguing inventions like no other in the Middle Ages, interactions with various parts of the known world, and its history reimagined through present day artworks.

Our goal is to present the fascinating history of Byzantium in a fun yet smart way to prove that Byzantium and its history is something not only something that interests scholars and historians but everyday people.

Discover Byzantium Around the World

We also have articles about travel destinations around the world that have something to do with the history of the Byzantine Empire. Such locations we have written include present day Istanbul (once the Byzantine imperial capital Constantinople), the stunning centuries old mosaics found in the city of Ravenna in Italy, and museums featuring artifacts from the Byzantine era in different parts of the world.

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