It’s No Longer a Bathroom! Fresco Updates in the Bathroom (Special Edition Article)

A break from all the previous Byzantine related articles but still with with mentions on Byzantium. Hello and welcome back to another article from The Byzantium Blogger! This one will be another special edition article, although this one as the first one in a long time to not be Byzantine history related. This article will once againContinue reading “It’s No Longer a Bathroom! Fresco Updates in the Bathroom (Special Edition Article)”

Fresco Hall Stained Glass window- the making

As I have mentioned about last year, for quite a time I’ve been doing some painting work with the help of others in the making of a spectacular “Fresco Hall” or murals in a simple bathroom, this also includes a complex stained glass on the bathroom’s window. This time, I have made an update toContinue reading “Fresco Hall Stained Glass window- the making”

A great work of art from the bathroom

A bathroom in my house, supposed to e mine is currently and will be in no use as a bathroom, so out of imagination and hard work, I converted it into my treasury room or a storage but also a hall of wall frescos with a stained-glass window replacing the ordinary bathroom window. The unusedContinue reading “A great work of art from the bathroom”