A great work of art from the bathroom

A bathroom in my house, supposed to e mine is currently and will be in no use as a bathroom, so out of imagination and hard work, I converted it into my treasury room or a storage but also a hall of wall frescos with a stained-glass window replacing the ordinary bathroom window. The unused bathroom was then turned to be fresco hall in 2012, when the painting of it began leaving it to be a room of frescos in just 2 months (June-August, 2012). It was then kept that way then in 2013, I planned a restoration for it from June-July, this time changing some of the old styles and putting newer styles, also adding and subtracting to and from some of the old painted tiles. From November-December 2013, it was restored in a minor way, this time   revisions and restoring the damages were done. Then again last July 2014, I did another restoration for it again, this time taking away some of the old worn out ones but adding new styles and figures to it. Working this all is quite a tiring job and only done when I have quite a lot of time. As you can see in this page, the photos are mostly of the 2014 version of my bathroom, the latest restoration project for it.

Scenes from my fresco hall bathroom
Scenes from my fresco hall bathroom

Shown here are 2 highlight scenes of my bathroom taken at different light angles. First is the painted walls of different patterns and designs while shown above is the highlight of the stained-glass in the upper wall of the bathroom. As you can see the wall may mostly be paint in all sorts of designs especially in the important walls having the highlight frescos though some wall tiles may be worn out, these were the tiles from before in 2012 from the first project of this.

Stained-glass window at day
Stained-glass window at day
other shot of stained-glass at day
Lighted shot of stained-glass at day

The stained-glass window is the highlight piece found high on the wall facing the outside. The stained-glass can be viewed in many ways though it is quite impressive if you see it at first. From photos, the stained-glass can have different views corresponding with light. At day, the photos show it clearly visible and though it covers sunlight in the bathroom, you can still see through the colours of the stained glass. Without lights on during day, the colours may seem darker though you can still see it and through the puzzle of colour patterns. On a brighter day, the colours in the window still stay the same but can be seen in a lighter way making the colours lighter and even clearer. The stained-glass plainly shows a colourful puzzle of colour patterns in all sizes, shapes, and directions. The centre of the window shows a colour pattern wheel on the left window with a blank keyhole at the centre where light can come in. The centre section on the right window has 2 columns with different patterns, the left having the French fleur de lis and the Bretagne symbol on the right. In the lower and upper sections of the stained glass, it just shows a checkered pattern of 2 colours repeating; the left blue and red, the right green and red as in the upper section too, the upper left has a blue and yellow pattern; both checkered sections at the bottom have a sort of crest in them, the one on the lower-left is clearer to see as this bathroom’s seal.

stained-glass at dark
Stained-glass at dark
the window, nighttime with artificial lights
The window, nighttime with artificial light

When at night, seeing the window looks completely different especially with the change of light. When dark comes, the appearance of the window will change, especially without the sunlight, it will become bleak and not too visible needing for the bathroom lights to be turned on. With the bright artificial bathroom lights on, the colours come back however not looking its natural self anymore but plain and artificial though the colours can be seen with more detail and the exact colour it was paint with. This stained-glass window seen here is the 2013 version of it as this window was painted with detail in the major 2013 restoration which totally changed the window’s appearance as the patterns were painted on the window itself. However, there was a version earlier to this from when it began in 2012, though the first one did not look as intricate but plain an simple and a little bit too ordinary to look at. This year, the stained-glass of last year was still kept, the window was just repainted by shading the colours thicker and edging them too. The inspiration of the 2nd stained glass from 2013 came from my France trip in 2013, based on the Medieval stained-glass of the churches and medieval castles of France.

remains of the old tiles
Remains of the old tiles
other remains from 2012
Other remains from 2012

The bathroom may have been restored a few times putting new style and patterns especially to the more important tiles, however when it began in 2012, the rest of the other tiles were painted on too though in simple forms only. The major parts of the bathroom have changed and some new designs were aded to the tiles but around the rest of the bathroom, most of the tiles remain in their old condition since 2012, and also have not been restored but remaining in as the ruins of its past with some still intact but some in ruins, some may have been deleted too. The remains of the 1st fresco hall from 2012 are seen in the other parts of the bathroom such as where the sink, the unused shower area and above the toilet coming in all forms randomly. The tiles though could still change having new things on them in the next restorations to come though some of the memories of the 1st tile paintings will remain.

The 8 alcoves wall
The 8 alcoves wall

The 2nd or even the main highlight of the bathroom is the wall or the friend’s wall below the stained-glass. This main wall in the bathroom’s shower box has the form of an altar or crypt showing images of 8 characters with sets of ensigns and colours around them. There are 2 rows here with 4 characters on each with a different colour background and pattern around them. If you look carefully, they seem to be wearing not modern outfits and have modern backgrounds but of Medieval and Renaissance ones especially the clothes, some are shown wearing colourful outfits and some wearing armour with crests, though all the seem to have a weapon. The mystery within this is that these people are existing and could be the circle of friends and those close to myself as I am seen painted here on the 2nd alcove from the left on the upper row. This 8 alcoves wall has already existed too since it began in 2012 though at the start, it looked quite ordinary with less detail and more childish or modern in look. The whole style of this was completely changed in 2013, including the designs of the alcoves and the people in them , some actually remained the same, today only 2 characters remain to be from the original wall, though the appearance of them changed but both of their names and positions still stayed the same. The other 6 of them changed through time as the bathroom was being restored, some characters were not from the original one anymore but were added as new ones as some of the older ones were removed, at any time the characters can change, though actually the designs stayed the same from how it started out in 2013. This part of the bathroom is one of the greatest mysteries, since this actually my hidden, personal square where my personal documents chest is located too and not to be opened by anyone.

Delft tiles in my bathroom
Delft tiles in my bathroom

Looking around my bathroom, new designs on tiles were added through time based on different travels and experiences of mine. This year, a few new designs were added over the old tiles which were erased and turned blank again, though new things adde on them. One of the newly added tile works include 2 blue and white Delft tiles and some more. The delft tiles, just made from blue and white paint show some exact detail making it look real with Dutch designs on them such as flowers an windmills. These blue and white tiles on my bathroom was based on Holland’s Delftware inspired by my Holland trip in 2014.

The Deutschland tile
The Deutschland tile

Strangely seen in the newly painted tiles from this year is a German tile with German colours. This was made towards the end of the restoration last July, when at the same time Germany won the Fifa World Cup of 2014, from their win this tiles was made in memory of Deutschland, no matter what country would have won the world cup then, a tile will be made in memory of whatever country.

My I, Claudius tile
My I, Claudius tile

Another tile, I added from an old one this year was a tile I made for one of my best series of all time, I Claudius from the 1970’s. By being a true fan and highly interested in it, I painted a tile for it having the exact same look on the series’ opening screen with the snake and the words, this was one of my simplest tiles I’ve painted here.

The fresco hall crest and my own seal
The fresco hall crest and my own seal

One of the greatest mysteries here is this seal, having the Medieval look with the 3 fleur de lis above and a tree below is actually my own seal an the bathroom’s seal, something else based on my France trip. This bathroom though was not just born out of my imagination, its designs were inspired by designs of the ages and from my travels and painting it was not so easy but really tiring, though from it, it was all worth it as it brought up a really legendary fresco hall that no bathroom can have. It was just painted using ordinary acrylic paint but all sorts of brushes though from it, it brought up all this, making it be a legendary sight. However being in here, there are rules including do not mess up the hard worked tiles or play around with them, though photo taking is allowed, an also admire and respect this impressive work of art as if it were out of this world………. With this bathroom and its impressive works of art and painting skill being there, it is truly a very great mystery of myself and of everything unexplained why and how it got to be there…… .The End

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Powee Celdran, currently majors in Entrepreneurial Management, a Byzantine scholar and enthusiast, historical military sketch and bathroom mural artist, aspiring historical art restorer, Lego filmmaker creating Byzantine era films and videos, and a possible Renaissance man living in modern times but Byzantine at heart. Currently manages the Instagram account byzantine_time_traveller posting Byzantine history related content.

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