Roman and Byzantine Food and Dining

Posted by Powee Celdran  “Civilized life cannot proceed without salt.” -Pliny the Elder Welcome back to another article by the Byzantium Blogger! For a long time, I have been doing articles on comparing both the worlds of the Roman Empire and its medieval successor, the Byzantine Empire as well as articles relating to the currentContinue reading “Roman and Byzantine Food and Dining”

Foodprints Christmas Special 2015

This year, Foodprints on Lifestyle channel once again will release a 2nd set Christmas special with 2 episodes. These 2 episodes airs in TV on December 14 and 22, 2015 on Lifestyle channel. This time, it is a whole lot difference from last year’s Christmas special. This time, Foodprints’ host, Sandy Daza travels around the National CapitalContinue reading “Foodprints Christmas Special 2015”