The Siege of Constantinople (1235-36): The Failed Attempt of the Empire of Nicaea and the Second Bulgarian Empire to Reclaim Constantinople from the Latin Empire

Byzantine Real History (BRh - Basileia Rhomaion)

1204 will be forever remembered as the year Constantinople, the capital of the eastern Roman Empire was invaded and sacked by the army of the 4th Crusade. This tragic event resulted in the temporary collapse of the Roman state, and following the capture of Constantinople on April 13 of 1204, the leaders of the 4th Crusade divided what was once the territories of the Byzantine Empire among themselves. The Byzantine capital Constantinople and its surroundings would fall under the rule of the short-lived Crusader state known as the Latin Empire of Romaniae while Byzantine territory in Greece would be carved up by the different leaders of the 4th Crusade in what would collectively be known as the Frankokratia with the Latin Empire of Constantinople included.

At the same time however, the Greek population of the Byzantine Empire in the aftermath of the fall of their…

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