Byzantine Life- Crime, Punishment, Heresy, and Medical Practice

Posted by Powee Celdran  “In front of the palace, the emperor ordered the criminal’s hands to be cut off and his eyes put out. I enquired why they did not put him to death, and they replied that the emperor could not order his soul to be destroyed.” -Pero Tafur, Travels Volume 17, 1437 Welcome to another ByzantineContinue reading “Byzantine Life- Crime, Punishment, Heresy, and Medical Practice”

Forgotten but Significant Byzantine Science and Technology

Posted by Powee Celdran  “The sciences were financially supported, honoured everywhere, universally pursued; they were like tall edifices supported by strong foundations.” -Al Masudi, Arab historian (896-956) Hello everyone and once again welcome to another Byzantine article from the Byzantium Blogger! The last article was a special edition feature on the mosaics of Ravenna and storiesContinue reading “Forgotten but Significant Byzantine Science and Technology”