Warfare- The Romans

Throughout the history of Ancient Rome, the army was one of the most important parts taken seriously. Rome’s conquest depended on their large and effective pushing their territory to the farthest reaches of the world. The Roman army had changed over time in their history beginning as regular citizens fighting as soldiers but not highlyContinue reading “Warfare- The Romans”

Byzantine naval warfare, siege weapons, battle tactics

Posted by Powee CeldranĀ  “The Greeks began to fling their fire all around; and the Rusii seeing the flames threw themselves in haste from their ships, preferring to be drowned in the water rather than burned alive in the fire.” -Liutprand of Cremona on Greek Fire, 941 As I have written a long post onContinue reading “Byzantine naval warfare, siege weapons, battle tactics”

Military figures sketches- Byzantium

Posted by Powee CeldranĀ  For another time, I am back blogging about the amazing world of Byzantium, this time it would be plainly focusing on Byzantium’s interesting and very detailed military. he military was one of the major and most important parts in the history and civilisation of Byzantium. The Byzantine Empire, which lasted forContinue reading “Military figures sketches- Byzantium”

Warfare- Ancient Eastern Empires

Hello everyone, I’m back again with my historical warfare posts featuring my sketches of different of armies from history. This time, I’d go in detail with the warfare of the Eastern kingdoms and empires from ancient times, parallel to times of Greece and Rome. Surprisingly the eastern empires of the world, located in Asia Minor,Continue reading “Warfare- Ancient Eastern Empires”