Military Sketches, Classical Roman Age (Individuals) part 2

Well, here’s another set of sketches of soldiers and historical designs and symbols continuing the previous one, about Renaissance 16th-17th century figures, here’s another individual sketches set. This time, it is all on military figures with their country’s symbol and designs as well as descriptions from the Classical Age in Ancient times, this time goingContinue reading “Military Sketches, Classical Roman Age (Individuals) part 2”

Military sketches, Renaissance (individuals) part1

Here’s another set of my military figures sketched, one of those things I have always been doing as one of my hobbies. This is a new set and this time it shows not several on one sheet but as individuals with one figure per sheet. There are 9¬†individual soldier figures on each sheet having theirContinue reading “Military sketches, Renaissance (individuals) part1”

A great work of art from the bathroom

A bathroom in my house, supposed to e mine is currently and will be in no use as a bathroom, so out of imagination and hard work, I converted it into my treasury room or a storage but also a hall of wall frescos with a stained-glass window replacing the ordinary bathroom window. The unusedContinue reading “A great work of art from the bathroom”

Sketches and collections of Military Figures from the ages

For quite a time now, I’ve been doing a lot of drawings, for fun but also to express drawing military figures of soldiers with their weapons and armour throughout the ages. One of my great works of this military sketches was my historical army sets or collection showing soldier figures in drawing form from eachContinue reading “Sketches and collections of Military Figures from the ages”